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    Hey z!p4 clan.

    The FarCry LR-AddOn still sponsors the Internet (LR) Serverlist, which has Unoficial FarCry server running. Means, non Ubisoft servers.

    After the shutdown, we would like to say, that you can continue playing FarCry.
    If you want to continue playing, and you still want to play on your servers, than please make two changes on your FarCry server.
    1. Download the CryNetwork.dll from our
    2. Replace the new CryNetwork.dll with that one on your FarCry server.
    3. Change the command “sv_ServerType” to “LAN”
    and thats it!

    Now go ingame(Using the LR-AddOn of course), and go to Multiplayer->Internet (LR) and click the button „Register FC Server”
    Now type your FarCry server IP and port, and Click OK.
    Your Server should appear now in the serverlist, and you can start Playing FarCry.

    You can Re-Read all on our

    It would be appreciated to run Custom maps on your Server, all custom maps we enable you can see under the Map Downloads panel. By going to Multiplayer and clicking the Map Downloads button. There you can see all maps we enable.

    If you want to run other custom maps, please let us know, and we enable them so quickly as possible.



    The links had disappeared :-/ You can download and read everything on oru website: farcrylraddon.de

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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